Recycling does not cost, it pays! 

Recycled materials like OCC (old corrugated cardboard), aluminum, copper, other non-ferrous materials, clothing, and plastic all need to be baled before the recycler will accept any of these materials.  If you need to send clothing or rags overseas, that also needs to be baled.  Baling in “mill size” bales helps with handling and stacking bales for storage or for shipment on a truck.  Mill Size bales are generally considered 60”X30”X48” bales that weigh about 1,000 lbs depending on the material and level of compaction.  Bales can be stacked and stored inside or outside for pickup by a waste hauler when you have stored enough to save on shipping to the recycler.

Vertical balers are by far the most used balers for all recycling materials.  Horizontal balers are also available but because of their cost and limited ability to bale multiple recyclables, they are limited to specific applications where quantity demands a large throughput and the product being baled is consistent.

Talking to a baling consultant who takes the time to determine the best baler for your needs is key to not overbuying or underbuying the right baler for you.

Better Baler stands ready to help you match the baler with your needs.