Drum Crushers

With 60,000 lbs. of compaction force our HD55DC drum crusher is designed to compress a 55-gallon drum down to 5” high. Simple push button operation and a 48 second cycle time make this machine ideal for anyone who has drums to process.

In addition, the HD55DC can be converted into an inside-the-drum waste compactor by getting an extra compaction head sized for a 55-gallon drum. This option is available at the time of purchase or can be added at any point in time.

The HD55DC is proudly manufactured in the USA.


HD55DC Specifications

L” x D” x H”
68 x 38 x 119
Compact Force (Lbs.)
Cycle Time (Sec) 48
Motor HP 10
3 Phase Voltage Options 208V, 230V, 460V
Cylinder Bore/Stroke (In.) 6