Special Application Baler – HD6040

For clients that have circumstances outside of the norm, we offer a variety of application specific balers. We manufacture balers with exceptionally small footprints for folks with limited space. We offer low profile balers for low ceiling situations and we have extra-large balers that can produce a 72” x 40” x 48” bale. In addition, for clients that are shipping material off-shore, we offer our largest and most powerful balers capable of producing 2,000 lb. bales to max out container weights. If you have special needs for your baling operation, we would love to hear from you. We welcome the challenge and look forward to working with you.


HD6040 Specifications

L” x D” x H”
80 x 53 x 141.5
Nominal Bale Size
L” x D” x H”
60 x 40 x 48
Bale Weight in Lbs. Up to 1,400
Compact Force (Lbs.)
Cycle Time (Sec) 46
Motor HP 15
3 Phase Voltage Options 208V, 230V, 460V
Cylinder Bore/Stroke (In.) 6/48