Full Penetration Baler – HD72FP

Our full penetration balers are without question the industry’s best value. We designed these balers with a 12” longer stroke, industry leading compaction force and a thicker, heavier duty shaft. The longer stroke and superior compaction force allow for denser, heavier bales which saves labor and shipping costs. Vertical balers generate an incredible amount of pressure. As a result, bent shafts are an all too common problem. Our FP series balers have been designed with a thicker, heavier duty shaft to minimize this issue which means less down time and upkeep costs for our clients. These balers are designed to bale cardboard, paper, textiles, aluminum and plastics in “mill sized” bales. All of our balers are proudly manufactured in the USA and come with an industry leading 2 year parts and labor warranty.


HD72FP Specifications

L” x D” x H”
94 x 43 x 156.5
Nominal Bale Size
L” x D” x H”
72 x 30 x 48
Bale Weight in Lbs. Up to 1,400
Compact Force (Lbs.)
Cycle Time (Sec) 67
Motor HP 15
3 Phase Voltage Options 208V, 230V, 460V
Cylinder Bore/Stroke (In.) 6/60