Baler is required for recycling

The key to recycling

Many products can and are recycled. Paper, aluminum, old corrugated cardboard (OCC), plastic, glass, and Styrofoam are the most common recycled products. Balers are necessary to effectively recycle almost anything.

Companies are becoming more aware of recycling but many are still not even trying. Why? A variety of reasons but when it comes down to it, the main reason is complacency – satisfied that they do not need to join more aware companies in recycling their vendor’s packaging materials and other company produced materials.

Executives of large companies have long ignored the trash stream. There’s just not enough import placed on the dirty job of handling the trash. It is easier to ignore and get rid of the smelly stuff out the back door than to take up warehouse room with a baler. Funny thing – recycling does not cost, it pays. Recycling programs can pay for themselves and more. More money can be saved and made by reducing the cost of handling unrecycled materials and selling those materials to a recycler.

Awareness is the answer and customer awareness, in particular, is key to recycling. Companies need to hear that customers are upset at their snubbing of environmental issues. Nothing motivates those in charge than negative comments from customers.

It is up to us, the individuals to hold company’s feet to the fire. Join the movement!!